For Suppliers

KTI Poland S.A. policy for the acquisition of goods and services consists of:

  • Global view;
  • Setting up potential suppliers minimum qualification criteria;
  • Pre-selection of suppliers based on the previous criteria;
  • Setting up of complete tenders document sets to allow reliable suppliers and subcontractors selection;
  • Constant monitoring of the quality of the products/services offered by the suppliers in accordance to Company Quality Assurance Policy.

KTI Poland S.A. applies for all Projects a global supplying policy. This allows the acquisition of equipment, machinery, materials and services from the most reliable and competitive suppliers, with advantageous after-sales services.  All Suppliers are strictly monitored by auditing process, inspection & expediting visits, as well as a performance evaluation and verification of corrective actions, when these are applied.

All potential Suppliers and Vendors must register through our Supplier Pre-registration Form to be eligible for teaming and contract opportunities.