Feasibility & Process Studies

KTI process and feasibility studies allows Investors to evaluate the benefits of different process concepts and technology alternatives. KTI feasibility studies are based on a number of conceptual design outcomes such as Project screening (e.g. evaluation of alternative options concerning plant configuration and plant location), market studies done to identify optimum Plant capacity and maximum product selling prices, a cost estimate as accurate as allowed by the corresponding project definition, an analysis of financial resources including the expected Internal Rate of Return of the investment etc.

Typical outcome of KTI process and feasibility studies are:

  • Overall Plant Configuration/s
  • List of Technologies required and proposed process Licensors
  • Overall Plant material spreadsheet with product and by-product types,
    and marketable quantities of such products and by-products
  • List of necessary utilities and preliminary estimates of relevant capacities
  • List of new or upgraded infrastructure requirements
  • Cost estimate (accuracy according to AACE international standard and/or polish ZZK)
  • Project Viability


KTI has developed since 2006 a significant number of process and feasibility studies which have then led to the implementation of most of the main industrial investment in the Refinery and Petrochemical field in Poland.