Respect of laws, regulations, self-discipline codes, honesty and correctness are a constant engagement and a must for those directly or indirectly working with KTI.

KTI maintains a Code of Ethics under which every activity is governed by the principles of honesty, integrity and fair competition. This Code is based on an ideal of total cooperation, with a view towards the mutual advantage of all parties involved, and with respect for the role of each.

KTI is committed to supplying a product that fulfills specific requirements and is to the Customer’s entire satisfaction, at the expected costs and on schedule, safeguarding the primary rights of the health and safety of its own employees, and of the environment and community where the work is executed.

To achieve this, KTI has implemented an Integrated Management System that fulfills the economic and social requirements of all the stakeholders, through “total quality vision”: company quality, environmental quality, health and safety quality, occupational quality, product quality, information quality, and ethical quality.