In KTI the reward of individuals and development of their professional capabilities has been a constant commitment, since the beginning.

The length of the operations – which usually spans over many years – often carried out in international contexts and, sometimes, in extreme environmental conditions, favours a complete development of the skills and of managerial competences, both from a technical and cultural point of view.

This can only be realized by investing in personal growth of each individual. This is why KTI promotes the professional, cultural and human development of those who work with the company at various titles. Specific and periodic actions are undertaken to promote the personal growth, with particular attention to the personal characteristics, in order to encourage a coherent personal development.


To its employees KTI provides:

  • Professional courses;
  • Training-on-the-job;
  • Highlighting the good-behaviours;
  • Prizes and incentives to the single and to the groups for the results reached;
  • Track record of personal progress in order to enhance the training activities.

These are only some of the main tools which KTI uses for promoting cultural growth of its staff.